Thursday, September 6, 2012

Print from iOS with Windows AirPrint Installer

The program “AirPrint Installer” enabled windows users to install the AirPrint service. This allowed iOS devices to print to shared printers on the network, via AirPrint, that don't natively support it. However, iOS 5 broke this neat windows service.

The guys over at MacRumors have made two .reg files (32/64Bit) to fix the AirPrint service, allowing iOS 5.x devices to use AirPrint through a Windows PC. The link below is a zip file containing both .reg fixes and the installer.


After extraction you should have three files:
- "AirPrint_Installer.exe"
- "AirPrint iOS 5 FIX - 32Bit.reg"
- "AirPrint iOS 5 FIX - 64Bit.reg"

1. Run "AirPrint_Installer.exe" and then click on "Install AirPrint Service".

2. Run the "AirPrint iOS 5 FIX - 32Bit.reg" or "AirPrint iOS 5 FIX - 64Bit.reg" to install the iOS 5 fix (Choose the correct file for you operating system, 32 Bit or 64 Bit Windows).

3. Go back to "AirPrint_Installer.exe", make sure "Service Startup" is set to "Auto" and click "Start".

4. Restart computer.

If there is a locked icon next to the printer on the iOS device enable the guest account in windows (Control Panel > User Accounts > Manage Another Account > Turn the Guest Account on). Then in the "AirPrint_Installer.exe" choose to use Guest Account Auth and tick the "Enable Guest Account" box. Then click "Update". You will then need to restart. If you want windows to automatically log you in on startup, type "netplwiz" into the start menu search box, hit enter. Uncheck the box that says “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer”, and then hit Apply. You’ll see a username and password box. Enter in the appropriate information here and hit OK..

Credits for the Installer .exe file go to
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  1. Hi, How do you install for iOS 6 and above


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